Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry to announce that all the girl scout cookies are sold from our Troop. Sorry for you, but yeah for me! That was a long 3 months by the time the end came, but it was fun selling them from my trunk to anyone and everyone. The Girl Scout Troop ended up sending about 30 boxes to Troops in Iraq through my husband and David Day who are both serving over there (I think David is in Kabul). I know they will be more than happy to take on the task of passing them out and enjoying some. Thank you everyone who supported the sales, the money helped pay for cookies, postage and activities!

I've been so busy while Eric has been gone (since November) that there is a lot that has happened. Here is a fun picture of the girls who came and helped eat tons of Chocolate treats for our Chocolate Chick Group. We have really missed having it so we ate a little extra and talked longer than normal, right? That's my excuse. What a fun time to make friends and enjoy the blessing of spending time with each other. Sometimes that is all it takes to lift us up and give us that wonderful feeling we get when we connect with other women. It is a need I know I have.

What would we do without the support of the Air Force?! The Family Support Center plans some wonderful activities for those families who have a deployed spouse. It's amazing. This pic is from a bowling night we attended and I got to meet some other women there with their kids and enjoy the awesome pizza and hot dogs. Yum! Alien bowling is the best when the black lights come on.

And this is Lucky, our new little part of our family. We were sad that Phoebe needed to find another home, she just couldn't relax enough to settle down around the kids and put aside her aggressive demeanor. So the Humane Society agreed she needed a new home, and we tried to find a dog to fit our family when we returned her there. Although I am sad about Phoebe, I can't believe the pure joy I feel that Lucky is SO incredibly SWEET! He is so calm and gentle, I am a Beagle lover for life. What a difference the breed makes.

Oh, and lastly, I have had SO much fun this year for April Fools Day. This picture is of "fish sticks" made from sugar wafer cookies covered in Peanut butter and crushed cornflakes, dipping sauce is strawberry jelly. The kids had no idea until they bit into it. Their faces were hilarious! Ethan was really mad though because he loves fish sticks, and I didn't have the real thing. He lightened up when I offered to buy fish sticks next time I went shopping. So that is some of what has been keeping us running.

Eric only has 2 months left and we can't wait to have our family together again. I'm grateful for wonderful friends who have asked how I'm doing, who say things that make me laugh, who are pleasant to be around, or ask how Eric is and keep him in their thoughts and prayers. Thanks for making this time easier for all of us! Love you all!


Sarah C said...

I am glad you are doing well. I am sure it is really hard to have Eric gone. I can't even imagine how hard it is. I think you are amazing! You are so positive. You are a great mom. You do fun things with the kids. I think it is great that you also take time to do things for yourself like go to the girls night out activities and go the gym. I feel blessed to have you as my friend. We do keep you and your family in our prayers. Thanks for sharing the fun things you have been doing. Those were really cute pictures.

niknfil said...

Your fish sticks are a fun idea! I could see my kids getting mad about the same thing! We had to say good-bye to our puppy Polly too and it was sad. We know what to look for next time. We will try again next spring. That is great you have a Beagle! My friend Laurel that is moving over there has a beagle also. I think you guys are going to be great friends!

jennifer said...

Such a sweet little puppy!! Congrats on a great addition to your family!

What a wonderful attitude you have, Stacey. You're such a positive and inspiring person.!

nicole said...

Love it! Great pictures! The "fish sticks" turned out great! You're such a fun mom! (By the way, I hope you have fun in Tanzania! ;)) xoxo

Jill said...

I loved seeing you at the last Girl's Night Out. You are such a fun person to hang with and your smile is contagious! :o)